At ESCA our teachers are trained to support and facilitate each student, equipping them with the skills to achieve top academic results without having to sacrifice their sport and/or cultural passion. Moreover, we understand the unique challenges elite athletes and artists face when juggling their passion with academics. That's why at ESCA, we offer comprehensive support for students in managing their academic pursuits, skillfully aligning their travel and touring schedules around their academic demands. We offer the internationally acclaimed Cambridge International and American GED® curricula, and encourage a learning environment that focuses on balance, on the sports field or stage, in the classroom, workshop or laboratory, and beyond.

Cambridge International Education Sign On A Wall


The Cambridge International curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. Our curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring, culturally sensitive yet international in approach. Cambridge students develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. They also gain the essential skills they need for success at university and in their future careers.

About the American GED®

The American GED®, available to students once they complete Grade 9, is widely considered the closest foreign equivalent to the South African National Senior Certificate. It allows students to apply for further education both locally and abroad upon completion. The GED® is tailored to each student's knowledge level and learning pace, with personalised lesson plans which accelerate learning. Furthermore, the GED® curriculum is skill-based, ensuring that students apply the skills that they have.


Students from Grades 4 to 6 are taught the Cambridge International Primary curriculum. Our focus is on the three core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science and our students are also introduced to Afrikaans, French and isiZulu as their additional languages, which they can choose from in Grade 6. Phenomenon-based Learning and an introductory sport and cultural programme complete the Primary School offering. In addition, our TEAMS curriculum offers a practical immersion into Technology, English, Art, Mathematics, and Science, equipping students with comprehensive skills across these essential disciplines. Through hands-on experiences and engaging activities, TEAMS fosters holistic learning and empowers young learners to explore, create, and excel in the realms of technology, language, creativity, logic, and scientific inquiry.


Grades 7 to 9 form ESCA's Middle School, who are taught the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum. The focus is on the three core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science and the choice of Afrikaans, French or isiZulu as their additional language. Phenomenon-based Learning and our unique Future-Fit programme complete the Middle School offering. Students in Grade 9 are also introduced to the subjects they can choose from for their IGCSEs, in preparation for Senior School.


Grades 10 to 12 have the option to continue with Cambridge International (IGCSE and AS/A Levels) or to switch to the American GED®. We offer a wide range of subject choices from the Cambridge offering, on top of the compulsory English, Mathematics and Additional Language. The American GED® certificate comprises only four subject areas: Reading & Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. Our Senior School students are also guided through our Future-Fit programme which ensures that ESCA students leave school as well-rounded individuals who are equipped with excellent skills to tackle life beyond school.