The positive impact sports have on children's development

Delve into the positive impact that sports have on children's development.

Tips & Tricks

Tips for High School Students to Develop a Growth Mindset

Cultivating a growth mindset during these formative years can have a profound impact on their personal and academic growth.


Tips for Student Athletes

For student athletes at ESCA, who aspire to turn their athletic passion into a career, it's important to start preparing early.


Supporting Your Child's Mental Health

Did you know that mental health disorders are the number one leading burden of disease in children and adolescents, affecting 10–20% of them around the world!


Strategies for Tackling Homework

No one enjoys homework, do they? You probably didn’t enjoy doing homework as a child either, so how do you encourage your child to? We all realise the relevance of homework and its many benefits, but it’s something that can be time consuming and can cause much anxiety in one’s household.


Understanding Cybersecurity

In our world today, we don’t only have ‘real life’ (the physical realm), we have a whole other dimension too - the virtual one: CYBERSPACE, where a myriad of good (and not so good) things can take place. Crimes that can happen in real life, such as stealing, can also happen just as easily on the Internet.

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