ESCA students can either join one of our in-house academies for their specific training needs, or they can continue training with their private coaches within a bespoke academic timetable. We guide and coach our students through a unique long term developmental training programme. This programme begins in our Primary School, where students are exposed to 15 different sporting codes, giving them the opportunity to discover their talents. In our Middle and Senior Schools, our student athletes specialise in their chosen sports, and are guided and supported by the 4 pillars of ESCA's Talent Development System as they pursue individual goals and aspirations in their chosen sport/s.


ESCA partners with leading sports professionals and coaches to provide an offering to our student athletes that is unmatched. We have 4 elite academies on offer, Football in partnership with JVW and TSFA, Basketball in partnership with NTN Management, Gymnastics in Partnership with the Wanderers Gymnastics Centre and Rugby in partnership with UXi Sport. Our academies aim to help our student athletes to develop the skills and abilities that will allow them the best opportunity to pursue a career in their chosen sport.




ESCA also accommodates those students who are looking for a flexible, individualised academic timetable which accommodates their training and touring demands in their chosen sport. Flexible and expert coordination form the basis for providing each learner with the ability to achieve their personal best.