Solidarity in the Face of a World Pandemic

Feb 15, 2021

"Solidarity is not an act of charity, but mutual aid between forces fighting for the same objective."- Samora Machel

Solidarity is a unifying form of agreement, especially among individuals with a common interest. We also associate the meaning of solidarity with an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards and sympathies creating some sense of groups or classes.

We see solidarity in the world right now as we continue to fight the struggle against COVID-19. Who would’ve thought that 12 months ago, the global community would unite against a common foe? Who knew we would protect ourselves and each other by simply standing two metres apart, washing our hands and wearing masks in public spaces? Hasn’t this global effort of unity brought new light to the importance of ‘solidarity’?

This fellow-feeling that brings much of the world together in solidarity against COVID-19 arises out of the common struggle and hardship that this invisible virus has caused.

Always remember that solidarity is about action - it’s about doing things, not just believing or supporting or sympathising. That is why, as human beings, we should bind in solidarity to overcome this pandemic in order to return to our normal lives.

We should ask ourselves; how did we see solidarity before COVID-19 and how do we see it now?

At ESCA, solidarity forced us to come together in the face of #CoronaVirus. We all had to hop on board and implement an alternative way of schooling... and we had to do it fast! While solidarity has always been one of ESCA’s core values, never has its unifying value been so crucial to our success as it was in the face of this enormous challenge.

Look at ESCA’s Solidarity poster and tell us your thoughts on solidarity in the comments section. What does solidarity mean to you, and how has it helped you?

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.