Why Speaking a Second Language Makes Such a Difference

At ESCA, we aim to empower students with linguistic flexibility through our comprehensive second-language programmes which include the option of taking Afrikaans, French or IsiZulu as a second language.


Take Note!

An essential habit for students to develop, from as early as Grade 3 or 4, is that of note taking. This is a skill which helps students to retain information and to process it in a meaningful way.

Tips & Tricks

How to channel courage

In March 2020, South Africa had to come to terms with the global pandemic when the announcement came that, like much of the world, we were going into lockdown. That announcement threw us into a VUCA environment, where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity would thereafter inform our new normal.


Solidarity in the Face of a World Pandemic

Solidarity is a unifying form of agreement, especially among individuals with a common interest. We also associate the meaning of solidarity with an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards and sympathies creating some sense of groups or classes.


Online Learning: the Challenges, the Growth and the Triumph

When South Africa went into lockdown just under a year ago, teachers all over the country, and all over the world, had to adapt to online teaching in a matter of days. It was challenging, but now, several months down the line, I believe that the teaching profession has seen a tremendous amount of growth and development.


Keep Calm and Remember your Netiquette

As we go into another year where COVID-19 is a reality, one of the skills we’ve learned is the importance of behaving well online, otherwise known as NETIQUETTE! For the benefit of our readers and our audience, here is a breakdown of ESCA’s netiquette rules.

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